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"Inspections of properties take a Qualified EYE"


Affinity Home Inspections has completed thousands of successful property inspections. Great care is taken when walking the exterior and interior of a property. Most importantly lots of photos will fill the report. Homes and commercial sites can differ greatly so vast amounts of experience and knowledge are needed. 

I will thoroughly inspect the following areas:


  • HVAC system/swamp cooler

  • Sump Drainage systems

  • Ceilings/walls/flooring

  • Roof

  • Foundation/crawlspace/drainage

  • Attic area and insulation

  • Gutters

  • Exterior finishes

  • Electric Panel/outlets/wiring

  • All plumbing and water heater

  • Kitchen appliances

  • Doors/windows/skylights

  • Decks/Stairs/Patios

  • Attached garage

  • Sidewalks/driveways

  • Warehouse areas

  • Basements/crawlspaces

  • Parking lot and signage

  • New Build Home Inspections/Pre drywall/1 year Warranty Inspections

Residential Area
Awning on Commercial Building
Modern Building
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Pre Drywall

It’s very important to have the home looked over before the walls are insulated and drywalled. There are times when multiple issues can be addressed at this time. This is what is referred to as the "blacked in stage." Typically all framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC is roughed in.

Renovated Space
Modern Kitchen
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Pre Walk through

The home is just about completed at this stage. The appliances should be installed and pretested at this stage. Only Minor touch ups should be addressed at this point. It is very important to have a thorough inspection at this point before you move into your new home. One important part of this area should be to test for radon and check the sewer line.

Blackened Paper

1 Year Builder Warranty


Typically, at this stage of the home buying process you may have a laundry list of repairs documented. It is very important to have these issues documented by a third party inspector which can help expedited the repair issues sometimes.

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